Yasong DU Yasong Du, M.D., Professor, is Director of the Children’s Psychiatric Department and the Children’s Behavioural Studies Laboratory at Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine’s Mental Health Centre. He has been involved for many years in educational and research work involving child and adolescent mental illness and treatment of mental health issues. Dr. Du is an expert in the development of child and adolescent psychological evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in areas including: language, behavioural, emotional and physical development; behavioural issues such as confrontational behaviours, computer addiction, and learning difficulties; and disorders such as depression, anxiety and OCD. Dr. Du is on the editorial board of the China International Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, the Chinese Journal of Child Healthcare, Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry, the Chinese Journal of Traditional and Western Medicine and is also the Associate Chief Editor of the Journal of Psychosomatic Diseases. Dr. Du serves in numerous professional organizations including: the China Mental Health Association, the China Ministry of Health’s Psychological Treatment Experts committee, technical guidance expert for Shanghai United Disability Recovery Group, the Shanghai Experts Committee for the Training of Counsellors and Mental Illness Prevention, and the Psychological Treatment Committee and Professional Counselling Committee of the China Mental Health Association. He is Vice-chairman of the China Mental Health Association’s Child Mental Health Committee, Vice-chairman of Shanghai Psychology Association’s Mental Health Counselling and Treatment Experts committee and Vice-chairman of the China Medical Association’s Child Psychiatry Committee. Dr. Du works with the Shanghai Mental Health Association, is a member of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists, and Director of China Mental Health Association’s Psychotherapy and Counselling Family Treatment Group. There have been a number of projects that Dr. Du has been involved with including: the National 973 Project, the National Department of Science and Technology’s “15” Public Relations Project and “10-1-5” Planning Support Project, projects with the Shanghai Health Department Foundation and also projects with the National Natural Sciences Foundation. Dr. Du cooperated with other psychiatric specialists from Oxford University to perform CBM research in adolescents. He has also cooperated with Dundee University on ADHD research and Melbourne University on research involving executive function. Dr. Du has published over 130 original articles, including 6 in SCI journals. He has published 10 books and been a contributor to over 30 books.