Shenxun SHI Shenxun Shi is director at Fudan University affiliated Huashan Hospital, professor and a mentor for doctoral candidates. Professor Shi has degrees from both Shanghai No. 1 Medical College and Shanghai Medical University School of Research. His involvement in professional organizations include: advisory member to the Shanghai Medical Association's Psychiatric Experts Committee, Chairman of the Shanghai Medical Association's Behavioral Medicine Experts Committee and Vice-chairman of the China Medical Association's Psychiatry Committee, among others. Professor Shi is Assistant Chief Editor for the China Journal of Psychiatry and is on the editorial board of the National Medical Journal of China, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Chinese Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry. He has had fellowships in several institutions including: University of California Irvine Medical Centre, University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Centre and the University of Melbourne's Centre for International Mental Health. Professor Shi has also studied at the University of Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital and Virginia Commonwealth University's Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioural Genetics. Over his career Professor Shi has published 118 original articles and 40 reviews. He has been a contributor to 32 monographs and textbooks. Professor Shi has mentored 7 doctoral and 10 master's level students.