Lingjiang LI Lingjiang Li M.D. is a mentor for PhD candidates, director of Central South University Mental Health Research Centre, a level 1 certified M.D. and mental health systems Director. He is a nationally recognized leader in the fields of mental illness and mental health, honorary professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Special Consultant to the National Ministry of Health, a recipient of special recognition from the China State Council and on the board of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists. Dr Li attended the National Natural Science Foundation’s first meeting of the Medical Science Committee, is a member of the National Ministry of Health’s Disease Control Experts Committee, Vice-chairman of the China Neurological Association’s Mental Illness Foundations and Treatment Committee, Vice-chairman of China Medical Association’s Behavioural Studies Committee, and a standing member of both the China Medical Associations Neurology committee and the China Psychiatry Association. Dr. Li is an associate chief editor of the Chinese Journal of Behavioural Medical Science and the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry. He is also on the editorial board of Foreign Medical Science: Section of Psychiatry, Bulletin of Neuroscience and the Central South University Journal. Dr. Li has received support to perform key national projects including projects through the National Natural Science Foundation, project 973 and 15 large projects cooperating internationally. He has published 210 original articles in both national and international journals of which 28 were SCI journals. He has written and contributed to 16 monographs. Dr. Li has received both the “Natural Sciences Award” and “Technology Improvement Award” from the Department of Education and is a recipient of the Jieping Wu Research Award.