Gaohua WANG Gaohua Wang PhD is a nationally recognized expert, mentor for PhD candidates and mentor for master's level psychology students. Professor Wang is a graduate of Wuhan University who received his master's degree in 1991 and his PhD in 2003. He is Vice-Director of Wuhan University/People's Hospital in Hubei Province and director of its psychiatric research centre. He is a member of the Psychosomatic Disorders Committee, standing member of the Zhonghua Psychiatry Committee, assistant director of China Medical Association's Psychiatry Branch and Director of the Hubei Province Psychiatry Association. He is also on the Editorial Board of many journals including: China Journal of Psychiatry, Chinese Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Wuhan University Journal and the Journal of Foreign Medicine and Psychiatry. Professor Wang has been involved in mental health work for more than 20 years and published over 100 original articles including over 20 in SCI journals. He has written over 100 columns for important publications such as 'Health', numerous monographs and has written many resources used by the Health Department including: 'Psychiatry' 'Family Psychiatry' '1000 Questions regarding Mental Illness' and 'Outside the Window there's a Blue Sky: Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life'. He has managed several projects with the Stanley Fund and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Wang has had 3 major projects pass evaluation, 2 projects have received the Provincial Achievement Award and one project received an award from the People's Government of Hubei.