Chunbo LI Chunbo Li M.D. is director and chief physician in the Department of Biological Psychiatry at Shanghai Mental Health Centre and is a professor in the Psychiatry department at Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Dr. Li received his M.D. from Shanghai no. 2 Medical College (currently Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine) in 2001 and has taken part in post-doctoral training at both University of California San Diego and Harvard University. He is a member of many professional organizations including: the Shanghai Association of Clinical Epidemiology, the mental health branch of the Chinese Preventative Medicine Association, the Shanghai Psychiatry Association and the Chinese Society for Neuroscience. He is also the former Vice president of the Shanghai Association of Behavioural Science in Medicine. Dr. Li’s research interests include: cognitive training, anxiety and depressive disorders and schizophrenia.