Fude YANG Chief Physician, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, receiving special government allowances from the Sate Council of China. Associate Chief of the psychological rescue team of Public Health Emergency Association in Ministry of Health. Vice Chairman of Chinese Association for Mental Hygiene. Member of the mental health expert committee of Cross-Straits medicine exchange association. Vice Chairman of Beijing Mental Health Association. Chairman of Mental disability rehabilitation Committee of China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons. Vice chairman of psychology and psychiatry Committee of Chinese Research Hospital Association. Former Vice chairman of Chinese society of psychiatry of Chinese Medical Association. Vice chairman of Chinese Psychiatrist Association. Deputy Editor of Chinese Journal of Psychiatry. Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Journal of behavioral medicine and brain science. Received Awards of Beijing city “Shi Bai qian” excellent health professionals, Excellent Professionals of Beijing Mental Health Association, Excellent Professionals in earthquake rescue of Ministry of Health, Excellent Professionals in popularization of science and technology in Beijing, Capital health guard, Excellent Dean in health promotion in China, Capital labor medal, China's top ten health professionals of the year and Chinese physician Award. Received 1st Prize of Social Science Theory Achievement Award of China, Excellent Prize in popular science work of Ministry of Science and Technology, 2nd and 3rd Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award and 10 other Awards. Published 220 journal papers in Chinese, 82 SCI journal papers, 210 popular science articles. Co-authored and co-edited 41 books. Took charge of two national standards establishment. Co-authored and Co-edited many professional textbooks for medical colleges and schools in China.