Jinghong CHEN Dr. Chen is currently the principal investigator at Shanghai Key Laboratory of Psychotic Disorders and professor at Shanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. She also is invited as the editorial director, executive deputy editor of 《Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry》. Dr. Chen received her PhD degree of Neuropharmacology from Brain Research Institute, China Medical University. From 2002, she went to Dept. of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center of USA to study mechanism of neuropathic pain, hyperalgesia and synaptic transmission as the postdoctoral fellow and scientist. Since 2010, she was assistant professor at Dept. of Internal Medicine University of Texas Medical Branch and investigated the molecular and cellular mechanism behind Gut-Brain axis activation, chronic pain, motility and neuronal behavioral changes. Dr. Chen has focused on the research areas of neuropharmacology, neurophysiology and comorbidity for more than 30 years. Investigate brain–gastrointestinal axis mechanisms regulating of pain and anxiety/depression and psychological stress as well as IBS. Many of her research projects were funded and supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and NIH of USA. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers at some most prestigious journals. She also demonstrated the neural network activation and comorbidities between anxiety/depression and chronic visceral pain at animal models. Dr. Chen is now serving as the Editor in Chief at both Journal of Depression and Anxiety and Gastro–Open Journal. She was also selected into the editorial board of many research journals including Journal of Pain & Relief, Journal of Pain, and BMC Medical Genomics.