Jianhui LIANG Jian-Hui Liang, M.D./Ph.D., Professor of neuropsychopharmacology and Psychiatrist (License No. 19991111), Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University. He served as a fellow in Toyama Pharmaceutical and Medical University, Japan and visiting scientist in Howard Florey Institute, the University of Melbourne, Australia. At present, He has some academic positions: (1) Founder/regular member in Asian Pacific Society for Alcohol and Addiction Research (APSAAR); (2) Secretary-General of Neuropyschoharmacological Division, Chinese Pharmacological Society (CPS); (3) Vice Chair of Neuropsychopharmacological Division, Beijing Pharmacological Society (BPS); (4) Deputy Chief Editor on Metabolic Brain Disease. His laboratory has focused on neuropsychopharmacological research, including: (1) Behavioral plasticity induced by psychoactive substance and Chaperone-mediated opioid addiction in rats, mice, and zebra fishes; (2) Anti-alcoholism of extracts, fractions and compounds from Traditional Chinese medicine and the mechanism underlying their pharmacological profiles in alcohol-preferring rats and mice; (3) A new model of comorbidity between depression and anxiety induced by Liang’s contextual-stress box and the pathophysiological mechanisms in mice.