Arthur KLEINMAN Arthur Kleinman, MD is the Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor of Anthropology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Medical Anthropology and Professor of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine and the Victor and William Fung Director of the Harvard University Asia Center. Kleinman, who is both a physician and anthropologist, chaired the Department of Anthropology from 2004-2007 and from 1991-2000, he chaired the Department of Social Medicine. Kleinman has conducted research in Chinese society since 1969 and has been involved in activities in other Asian societies including Japan, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. His first book, Patients and Healers in the Context of Culture (1979), offered the first description of Taiwan’s health care system. In 1986 he published one of the earliest studies of the survivors of China’s Cultural Revolution (Social Origins of Distress and Disease: Neurasthenia, Depression and Pain in Modern China) which was the first systematic comparison of neurasthenia and depression in China. He has also done research on schizophrenia, suicide and epilepsy in China. Dr. Kleinman has been active in global mental health since directing the World Mental Health report in 1995, and has consulted to WHO on a number of programs. Many of his more than 200 postdoctoral fellows and 75 Ph.D. students are also active in this field. Kleinman has been a member of the Council of the Fogarty International Center and of the Council of Councils at NIH. Kleinman is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.