Min ZHAO Dr. Min Zhao PhD. is a professor, doctoral candidate mentor and Vice- President of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Mental Health Centre. She has served in the China Association of Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (CADAPT), been deputy director of the Professional Drug Treatment and Maintenance Council in CADAPT and also served in the China Toxicology Association. Professor Zhao is also Vice-Director of the Shanghai Labour and Education Committee, member of the China Committee for the Prevention of Drug Dependency, the Shanghai Narcotics Experts Committee, the Shanghai Committee for the Prevention and Treatment of AIDS, and the Shanghai Forensic Psychiatry Experts Committee. She is an editor and regular contributor to many academic journals including: the ‘China Journal of Drug Dependency, ‘China Journal of Drug Abuse Prevention’, and the ‘International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction’. She is Associate Editor for ‘Addiction’ and a regular reviewer for many journals including: ‘AIDS and Behaviour’, ‘International Journal of Drug Policy’, ‘Journal of Addiction Medicine’ and the ‘Journal of Infection’. Professor Zhao has been working for a long time in the research, education and clinical treatment of drug dependency with special focus on foundations of drug dependency and clinical research of drug-related crises. She is currently overseeing projects working with the National Science and Technology Department, the National Natural Sciences Foundation, NIH, the United Nations and the Shanghai Narcotics Foundation, among others. She has published over 100 articles in both national and international journals, been involved in the publication of 16 monographs including 2 in which she was the associate chief publisher. She has won numerous awards including the ‘Shanghai Science and Technology Award’, the ‘Zhonghua Hospital Science and Technology Award’, the ‘Outstanding International Scientist Award’ from NIH/NIDA, ‘Shanghai’s May 1st Women’s Award for Excellence in the Field’, Shanghai Public Health Department’s ‘Excellence in Leadership Award’ and many others.