Ee Heok KUA Ee Heok Kua, M.D, FRCPsych Professor, Department of Psychological Medicine National University of Singapore President, Pacific-Rim College of Psychiatrists Email: Dr. Kua received his MBBS from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpor. Later he moved to the UK and received his MRCPsych and FRCPsych from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Dr. Kua continued his training, receiving an MD from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Kua furthered his psychiatric knowledge, training at Harvard University in geriatric psychiatry and in psychiatric research methods at the National Institute of Mental Health, US. Dr. Kua is currently a professor and senior consultant psychiatrist at the National University of Singapore. Over the years, Dr. Kua has held multiple titles. He was head of the Department of Psychological Medicine and was CEO and Medical Director of the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore. Dr. Kua is also involved in international psychiatric organizations and important international journals. He is the President of the Pacific-Rim College of Psychiatrists, and is the editor of Asia-Pacific Psychiatry. Dr. Kua has written 210 research papers on subjects ranging from aging to addiction, along with 20 books on dementia, addiction, and stress. He has received multiple awards for his work in gerontology, Asian psychiatric research, and psychogeriatrics. Dr. Kua’s research interests include aging, depression, and dementia.