Daihui PENG Director on Division of Mood Disorder and Department of psychiatry/Shanghai Mental Health Center/Shanghai Jiaotong University. “Outstanding teaching” in mental health department of Medical School of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Chinese Society of Neuroscience and Psychiatry (CSNP) , committee. Committee members of the committee on mental health and psychiatry of the cross-strait medical and health exchanges association. Shanghai medical association, Psychiatry specialist branch, youth committee. The research focuses on the clinical and fundamental areas of depression, focusing on neurobiology and functional imaging. Visiting Scholar of the university of Nottingham and the university of north Carolina at chapel hill from June to September 2013, and from June 2013 to June 2014. At present, undertaking a project on the national natural science foundation, a leading project of the Shanghai science and technology committee, and participating in a project on the national natural science foundation. Many of the fund such as Shanghai committee of science and technology fund, the Shanghai health bureau scientific research funds, and the ministry of science and technology "twelfth five-year" science and technology support project and 1 item of national natural science fund which who was participated in were all have been finished.