Huafang LI Huafang LI, M.D., PhD. is a chief physician at the Shanghai Mental Health Center and a mentor for PhD candidates at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. She is a graduate student of Shanghai Medical University and since 1990 has been working in clinical psychiatry, research and education. Currently she is the director of National DrugClinical Trial Institute,SMHC. Her main research interests include psychiatric clinical pharmacology and research related to the biological markers for serious mental disorders, discussions of clinical pharmacology、metabolic research, pharmacogenomics and drug proteomics research. She has participated or been the PI on over 80 new psychotropicclinical trials, including 30 involving multiple international sites. She has published more than 150 articles, been a contributing editor for 8 monograms and main editor for 2 monograms. For the past 10 years she has been responsible for the China 11th and 12th 5 Year Plan’s “National Major Project for IND” and “New Psychotic Drugs Evaluation and Research Project”. Dr. Li has also overseen more than 10 projects at the departmental level or higher.