Zheng LU Zheng Lu is Director of the psychiatric ward, and Education and Research Lab at Shanghai Tongji University affiliated Tongji Hospital. He is also Director of the clinical psychiatry ward at Shanghai Jiaotong University affiliated mental health center, associate professor and mentor for master’s level students. Dr. Lu serves in many professional organizations including: China Medical Association’s Psychiatry Committee, Director-general of the China Medical Doctor Association’s Psychiatry Standing Committee, Vice-chairman of the Shanghai Medical Association’s Psychiatry Committee, Vice-chairman of the China Sleep-disorders Research Association’s Sleep Disorders and Psychiatric Health Committee and China Neuroscience Society’s Psychiatric Foundations and Clinical Treatment Committee. Dr. Lu is currently in charge of The Chinese Journal of Psychiatry and The Chinese Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, along with being on the editorial board of 9 other journals. He was a visiting scholar to Indiana University’s Psychiatry Department. He has been chosen for many prestigious awards including: “Shanghai Young Doctors Award”, the Shanghai “Silver Snake Award”, Tongji University’s “Best of the Best Award”, Shanghai Health Department’s “New Century Top 100 Young Doctors Award” and also WHO China’s “Young Scholars Award”. Dr. Lu has published 130 original articles, 9 monographs and been a contributor to over 50 monographs. His main areas of research are: integration of hospital mental health services, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, early stage schizophrenia prevention methods, and diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder.