Xueli SUN Xueli Sun, born in 1958, is a professor and Ph.D. mentor at the Sichuan University’s Mental Health Center of West China Hospital. Professor Sun graduated from the West China Center of Medical Sciences in 1986 and in 1996, he finished his advanced studies in Psychiatry, child mental disorders, and public mental health in the hospital of Universite de Paris 11 and Berray-Vaucluse hospital. In 1999, he studied Hospital Management at Singapore National University and in 2000 he participated in a cooperative research project at the London University’s Psychiatry Research Center. Professor Sun is currently the Director of the Sichuan Psychotherapy Training Center in Southwest China, Director of the Sichuan Forensic Expertise Center in Southwest China, Director of the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Base at the Health Department of the West China Center of Medical Sciences. He is the former Director of the Mental Health Department at Sichuan University’s West China Hospital and former Director of the Sichuan University’s Clinical Academy for Mental Health and Mental Health Research Center. Dr. Sun has held many positions within professional organizations including: Vice-chairman of the Chinese Medical Association’s Psychiatry Committee, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Journal of Psychiatry, member of the National Medical Licensure Examination Committee of Experts, Vice Chairman of the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Professional Qualification Examination Experts Committee, President of the Sichuan West China Psychiatric Association, Chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Psychiatry, Chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Psychiatrists Association and Chairman of the Chengdu Institute of Psychiatry. Dr. Sun’s main professional research interests include: electrophysiology and its effect on sleep related mental disorders, clinical treatments of sleep disorders, physiological mechanisms behind psychosomatic disorders, and clinical treatments of psychosomatic disorders. From 1998 to 2001, Professor Sun also directed research for the Sichuan Provincial Health Center into the physiological mechanisms behind psychosomatic disorders. Aside from this, his experience also includes diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, malignant tumors, chronic pain syndrome, and psychological treatment and rehabilitation for persons with severe burns. Professor Sun oversaw the national 15th plenary research session entitled, “Biological mechanisms of refractory depression and treatment plan optimization” Currently, Professor Sun is directing the national 11th five year plan research program entitled “Psychosomatic disorders and psychological early warning index, psychological mechanisms and intervention research on optimization scheme” (mainly related to diseases including diabetes, hypertension and cancer) His research interests also include clinical psychopharmacology treatments and forensic psychiatry. Professor Sun has presided over or participated in many national research programs with groups such as: the National Natural Science Foundation, the China Medical Board, the Ministry of Health, the Sichuan Province Science and Technology Department and the Sichuan Provincial Health Department. He has also published over 100 academic papers, and edited and compiled over 20 textbooks and monographs. Currently, Professor Sun is the editor-in-chief for the textbooks Psychiatry and Medical Psychology.