Kyooseob HA Kyooseob Ha, MD, PhD Professor of Psychiatry Seoul National University Director, Korea Translational Research Center for Bipolar Disorders Seoul, Korea Email: After graduating from Seoul National University with a degree in Medicine, Professor Ha completed his residency and a research fellowship in psychiatry at Seoul National University Hospital. Dr. Ha received also received his PhD from Seoul National University in signal transduction. He also received extra training in cognition and the imaging of bipolar disorders at the University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA. Professor Ha is currently a Professor of Psychiatry at Seoul National University, and director of the Mood Disorders Clinic and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory of the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. Professor Ha also established the Bipolar Disorders Clinic at Seoul National University in 1998. The clinic is one of the most active clinical service programs for bipolar disorders in Korea and East Asia, with more than 1,300 registered bipolar patients. Professor Ha is in charge of the Korea Translational Research Center for Bipolar Disorders, and he currently leads the Bipolar Disorders Research Network of Korea. An advocate of closer collaboration among Asian psychiatrists to improve bipolar disorder management across the region, Professor Ha is vice president of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders, chairman of the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder, and chairman of the East Asian Bipolar Forum. Professor Ha has also been the President of the Korean Association for Suicide Prevention since 2010. He has led the movement advocating for legislation to prevent suicide and the establishment of a Suicide Prevention Center in Korea.